Welcome to The Guelph Engineering Society

Welcome to The Guelph Engineering Society

Welcome to The Guelph Engineering SocietyWelcome to The Guelph Engineering Society



The Guelph Engineering Society is a group of elected and appointed students ranging in year and program who work together to provide events, services and representation for the engineering student body. The events, both social and charitable, include Corn Roast, the Teeter-Totter-A-Thon, a curling tournament, National Engineering Week events, and the annual Banquet. Some of the services provided are printing, binding, clothing sales and affordable food sales.

Representation is provided on behalf of the students to different student organizations including the Engineering Students’ Societies Council of Ontario and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students. It is also provided for various professional organizations like the Professional Engineers of Ontario, the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and Engineers Canada. We exist to help the engineering students. If there is anything we can do for you that we aren’t doing already, just let us know.


We have an office just off of the Atrium in Thornborough. At our office you can do several things such as purchase merchandise, buy print credit for Thornborough and sign up for our events. Our hours are as follows:


8:30 - 5:30


8:30 - 5:30


8:30 - 5:30


8:30 - 5:30


8:30 - 5:30


  • President - Catherine Dang


  • Vice President of Internal Affairs - William Peters


  • Vice President of External Affairs - Talha Tariq


  • Vice President of Financial Affairs - Aaron Black


  • Vice President of Academic Affairs - Loreta Chan


  • Vice President of Operations - Elena Wong


  • Vice President of Social Affairs - Tiana Bressan


  • Vice President of Student Affairs - Thomas Coulson