Whether you have questions or are questioning, there’s a brand new club in the School of Engineering that’s perfect for you: EngiQueers Guelph!!

The objectives of EngiQueers Guelph are to promote and advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ students and their allies in the School of Engineering, to foster networking and discussions in Thorn & on campus. EngiQueers aims to benefit any and all students, staff, and faculty interested in issues relating to LGBTQ+ topics through an inter-sectional lens.


Engineers Without Borders


EWB’s University of Guelph Chapter was established in 2003 by Engineering students seeking to develop a deeper understanding of how to make the world a better place. Engaging with engineering and non-Engineering students, EWB has brought students from across campus to work together on development projects locally and internationally. From advocating thousands of students on campus about fair trade products to engaging in tough conversations about challenging topics, EWB Guelph is highly active in the community. As we grow our chapter, we are determined to increase our EWB footprint on campus, and in the community.

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Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Team

 Since 1975 engineering students from schools across North America have been competing in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR). The student-run competition requires teams to design, build and race a concrete toboggan downhill in a series of events. Each team constructs a toboggan weighing less than 300 lbs that can safely carry 5 riders down the competition hill. The toboggan must also include steering and braking systems that meet rigorous safety standards. Toboggans are judged on superstructure design, integration of theme, technical aspects, concrete mix and runner design, overall speed and various other performance metrics. Not only does the GNCTR give engineering students an opportunity to learn both valuable hands on and soft skills, but it also provides another front to expose North America to Guelph’s Engineering program and its partners.  


Guelph Robotics Team

The robotics team is a student operated team composed of engineering students from all disciplines and skill levels. The team’s focus is on its Mars Rover project for the Canadian International Rover Challenge. We encourage any student with an interest in electronics, programming, mechanical design, or anything else related to robotics to join! There are plenty of opportunities for members to learn new skills and gain engineering experience. 

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Guelph Hyperloop is the University of Guelph's first hyperloop team. Guelph Hyperloop's goal is to create a Hyperloop pod and compete against student teams from across the world in SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition that takes place in Hawthorne, California. The Hyperloop is a new method of transportation first proposed by Elon Musk which aims to make travelling short distances on land faster and easier. The Hyperloop consists of a train like levitating pod that travels at speeds of up to 760 mph through low pressure above ground tunnels. These speeds are made possible due to the reduced friction between the pod and the track as a result of the levitation system and near vacuum tubes. The Guelph Hyperloop team offers the students at the University of Guelph the opportunity to collaborate in order to solve an innovative design problem and learn new engineering skills.